We invest in amazing
consumer products


We invest in amazing
consumer products

Crowdfunders’ Fund is a pre-seed fund for consumer product companies gearing towards a crowdfunding campaign. Our core principles:


We’ll let you know if we’re in or not within a week.


Our decisions are based on numbers, not hunches.


Our experienced team helps execute your campaign.


Creating a successful crowdfunding campaign has three musts: an amazing product, a great team and a huge effort. We help with that last part with up to $500K in funds and an experienced marketing team.

Crowdfunders’ Fund was founded by Tross – a crowdfunding company. While our services are usually geared towards funded companies and larger campaigns, we wanted to help creators with amazing products that haven’t secured big rounds yet. That’s why we created our own fund.

Our investment model enables early stage companies to minimize risk, focus on production and scale big. It’s based on our favorite concept: win-win.